the new shoes.

We’re a divine pair. Look at us, displayed so flagrantly in the shop window on Via Spadari in Milano, with that equally divine little clutch next to us.

We’re red, fire-engine red, pillar-box red, the red of a London bus, the red of a stop sign. And stop you must, and admire us. Nine centimetre heels. Smooth supple suede. We’re Italian. Were handmade. You can sense the love and care with which we’re made.

Oh! All this preening, and now the salesgirl is coming to lift us out of the window display. A customer! But we’re the display pair – why doesn’t she get our matching siblings from the store-room? Perhaps we’re the last size 39 in the shop.

Hmmm…who is this prospective new owner? A nice enough looking woman, wearing a black trench coat. Nothing too glamorous though. She could really use our help. Ouch! The shoe-horn pinches a little! Are you sure, Miss Salesgirl, that size 39 is right for this woman?

Ah! That’s better. Now that she’s wriggled her toes in a bit and stood up, we’re comfortable. Now she’s walking us around the shop a little; the salesgirl and Mr Manager by the till look on. We can see ourselves on her feet in the mirror. Wow! We look great! And we really pep up this woman. We’re just what she needs. She should buy us.

Now she’s remarking on how comfortable we are. Of course! As if we’d be uncomfortable. We’re quality. The manager explains that although our heels are very high, we have a hidden internal platform so the foot is held comfortably. Yes, we’re certainly quality. Buy us!

Now she’s sitting down, staring at us on her feet. Then she says the word “lovely.” The salesgirl tells her “madam, these are hand-made Italian leather,” in a tone of voice that shows she knows what that means – top quality. That’s us. We’re a divine pair.

She’s buying us! Into a bag for us now, but soon – who knows what parties, galas, red carpets, theatres lie ahead for us! Maybe we’re going to opening night at La Scala!

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