alice walker. SWF.

The-Color-Purple-by-Alice-WalkerTonight at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, the inimitable Alice Walker, author of “The Colour Purple” and dozens of other books of fiction, essays and poetry. The first African-American woman to win the Pulitzer. Now 70 years young, Alice is still an activist fighting injustice wherever she sees it. She exhorts us to take some action, however small, if we see an injustice we don’t like. And how can we be effective? Find our circle – like-minded people with empathy…as to poetry, it’s “a ruthless muse”…Feminism? It’s a Western-white thing. Alice prefers “womanism”, in which the woman is more central, and it’s the community that matters.

You Want To Grow Old Like The Carters (read beautifully by the author)…”growing old presents a peril they may not expect…It is to lose one’s soul in trivia and irrelevance…”

We ended the evening with Aboriginal singer and activist Archie Roach and “Took The Children Away”.

Moving. #swf2014



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