Review: ‘The Bright Side Of Life’

Reviewed By Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

The Bright Side of Life: A Charlie Brightman Story is about a self-confident young man in the heart of London. Between trying to win the woman of his dreams and stay afloat in the city with minimal funds, bad luck seems to pile up for Charlie.

Annette L. Freeman’s fiction sheds some light on whether ‘always looking at the bright side of life’ is really the best policy to maintain at all times. The story carries with it all the heartbreak and hope when Charlie believes that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel – that comes with a second, better chance at life or love.

Even though Charlie’s ‘stay positive’ attitude is inspiring, there are times when I feel the protagonist should just ponder a bit more on the troubles that he faces so he could make better decisions. That said, Charlie’s flaws are quite crucial life lessons, and they also serve as the hilarity element of the story. As challenging as it is to comprehend some of his actions (at least for me), perhaps the most obvious takeaway from the character is that his optimism is his forte.

On the whole, a good and enjoyable read. Freeman has readers by the heartstrings with minimal effort with her solid prose and narrative. Charlie Brightman has my instinctive sympathy, even if some of his naivety raises my hackles and earns much deserved discontent. The Bright Side of Life is a funny, contemporary story that could be set anywhere at any time, and it will hit close to home for anyone.

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