“…an inspiring novel.”

Bright Side of Life cover_01 (1)Reviewed By Valerie Rouse for Readers’ Favorite

The Bright Side of Life by A.L. Freeman is a fast paced story about Charlie, a student who followed his dream of becoming an actor. The story begins with Charlie and his roommate Oliver in a pub, having drinks. Charlie is an absolute optimist. As an Australian student based in London, Charlie always looked on the brighter side of life in all situations.

Even in the pub, when beer spilled on his jacket, Charlie was not crestfallen. He mused that the stain would eventually be erased. Charlie signed up to be a stagehand at the Dengate Theatre in Soho. He did a bit of networking, ran a few errands, even worked as a barman for tips. When Charlie’s scholarship to acting school was withdrawn, Charlie kept his dream alive.

The Bright Side of Life is a positive novel based on the values of optimism and sheer determination. I love the fact that author A.L. Freeman fully developed the main character and his tenacity. Despite all the odds, Charlie vigorously pursued his dream to be an actor. I love his spirit. His situation and his response to his dilemma are very motivating. I believe that this book teaches readers about perseverance. This book practically promotes the adage that ‘perseverance seldom fails.’ At times, many persons throw up their hands in defeat when things don’t go their way. Author A.L. Freeman demonstrates through his character that you should keep pressing on and keep your eyes on the prize. Personally, I believe in maintaining a positive outlook in life. This keeps your spirit buoyant amidst the trials of life. The language used is colloquial and is easy to understand. I appreciate the fact that the main character’s use of language mirrored that of the author – flawless and simple. The novel is a good read. Kudos to author A.L. Freeman for providing an inspiring novel.

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