Annette Freeman

DSC_9778_smI write. Here, I share some of that writing with you. I introduce you to my published memoirs, some complete short stories, a play and a novel. I’ll tell you what I thought of a writers’ festival, rave about my fave writers, re-post things I’ve come across that resonate with me.

Sometimes my posts are snippets of fiction that emerge from my regular writing exercises. Those odd characters that tug at me to bring themselves into being. The time, the place, that I didn’t know existed until I picked up my pen and poised it over the notebook page.

Some posts will be funny. Some will be travel stories. Some might be about the things that I love: travel, opera, music, art, architecture, nature, history and the whole wide world.

If you enjoy the writing, please check back to see what’s happening. You can find my published books on amazon. If you have any trouble sourcing them, send me a note here.

Oh – and in case you were wondering, I live in Sydney, Australia. Most of the time.

Thank you for reading.



5 thoughts on “Annette Freeman

    1. Hi Magdalena – great to connect with you. You’ll find LOTS about Italy on my blog, because I’ve been living there for the last year or so – in Amalfi. Sad to say, I have not yet visited Sienna – it’s definitely on my list. So I’ll be looking through your blog too! 🙂

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